Toasted Squash Seeds

I was thinking of re-inventing myself and the name associated with this blog. Over the past weeks I have attempted to cook pigs feet (and failed, but I will try again), rendered normally thrown out animal fat, used bruised fruit for baking, made broth from chicken feet and now have saved squash seeds from theContinue reading “Toasted Squash Seeds”

How to Render Lard

The first time I decided I was going to render lard was a few years ago. As per my usual chaotic fashion, I overcommitted and purchased 20lbs of back fat. I simmered it for two days in multiple crockpots and then I got the “shivs.” My friend Shayna taught me the word “shivs.” I’ve yetContinue reading “How to Render Lard”

Local Fruit in Ontario

Where does your fruit come from? “Local” fruit is a tricky question in Ontario (ON). Many of our soft tree fruits can only thrive in very specific regions of ON making sourcing fruit challenging. The season is short, and all the creatures of the natural world love fruit as much as us humans, making pestContinue reading “Local Fruit in Ontario”