Save everything

We’ve talked about this before, and so have all bloggers, cooks, chefs and grandmothers. Don’t throw out the bones! I always followed these instructions when cooking a whole bird but I’ve started to get pretty extreme about it lately.

Last night we had wings for dinner. (I have a lot of random cuts of meat in my freezer from a previous business venture.) Β It kind of blows my mind that I am eating beautiful pastured chicken in the form of the most classic pub food.

We roasted them in a cast iron pan in the oven, and then tossed them in a blend of soy sauce, ginger, garlic and honey. Threw them back in the oven for another 5 minutes or so and voila.

There are still a fair amount of greens growing in our hoop houses at the farm. For some reason, even though we grow salad all summer long, we only eat salad in the spring, fall and winter. I think we over do it with excitement in the spring, sell most of it in the summer and are craving it again when this time of year rolls around.

So wings and salad for dinner. This is where it gets extreme. I kept every single one of those wing bones, threw them in a pot and let them boil for just over 3 hours. Enough time to watch a movie.

The broth now sits in jars in the fridge with a hint of garlic and soy. For lunch I’ll heat it up and then mix in a spoonful of kimchi, throw a piece of sourdough in the toaster, lather on the butter and call it a meal. It’s a super satisfying and easy way to eat some super nourishing food, that before I would have just thrown away.

Photographed above are beef bones from a prime rib, enjoyed for a Christmas meal. There was lots of meat left on the bones, so it ended up being more of a stew than a broth. You can’t lose!


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