I made my own sauerkraut

In a book called the Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz I remember him painting this picture of someone dumpster diving for a head of cabbage, stealing a couple packets of salt from a fast food restaurant and shoving it all into a salvaged pickle jar. The result being a sauerkraut full of rich bacteria and tasty flavour ready to heal and nourish in the midst of what seemed to be nothing.

If you are really getting into the fine tuning of fermenting there is much discussion surrounding the need for organic produce and the quality of salt used. While these are always important things to consider, I can’t help but marvel at the simplicity of  sauerkraut and what Katz says about it. The potential to create such a nutrient dense food in even the most limited of situations is a powerful tool.

Food literacy is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Our independence to care for ourselves and heal ourselves has been lost. Cabbage and Salt seem like such simple things but they are the basis of a concept that has great power to create change.

Cooking your own food is often viewed as a burden. I see it as more as an act of liberation from so many societal issues that we are all trying to get away from.

The issues of our world today can seem incredibly overwhelming. My daily ritual of eating is the thing that provides me with a sense of peace and perhaps a false-but satisfying sense of control. We each have the freedom to positively impact our health, our finances, and our community with delicious food each day.

I’m not an expert on gut health, fermented foods, good bacteria and bad. There are endless articles and recipies out there for you to learn from. My best advice is to talk to people, and read more that one recipe. Three books, two people along with trial and error was how I came to a recipe that worked for me. If you want to chat fermenting with me, I’m always down to nerd out about food. You’ve been warned, I may get carried away!



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