New Years Pie

It’s New Years Day-2019 and all I want to do is enjoy the quiet after the holiday chaos. I had left over pie pastry in the fridge and frozen apples in the freezer. With the house to myself, I’ve decided to make pie.

It’s currently in the oven baking away, with flour still smattered all over the kitchen floor. (I’m a messy cook).

I know that this year has been a challenge for many, and as I tend to do when distracted with passions of my own, I have neglected many friends, community allies and this blog.

As the days got shorter and commitments became fewer I have slowly returned to the kitchen. Our summers on the farm are largely fuelled by BBQ and salad. The need for creativity lessens when food is abundant. With the limits of winter, my desire to cook has been fuelled.

I’ve made a brief list of what my staple foods have been and will continue to be until the first spring vegetables are pulled from the ground. All of the items I have listed can be purchased throughout the winter from farmers that sell in London ON. (With the exception of dairy, which can be found at independent health food stores. There is a good selection of yogurt, grass-fed butters, cheese and milks that are all produced in Ontario or Quebec)

Where to buy? 

  1. Winter Farmers’ Markets
  2. Direct from Farms by putting in bulk orders (most meat is best done this way)
  3. Join a winter CSA share (This is a food box that is put together and prepaid for in advance)
  • Winter Eats
  • Cabbage-sauerkraut/roasted/salads/stews/dumplings/cabbage rolls (saved the most labour intensive for the last 2!)
  • Onions/Garlic-do I need to explain this one?
  • Carrots-Roasted/Dipping in dips/salad/fermented/soups/cake/muffins
  • Radish-Roasted/raw with salt or a smear of goat cheese/in salad/fermented *I made Daikon Fries and they were to DIE for-google it*
  • Turnip-roasted/stews/curries/ferments
  • Squash-roasted/stews/curries/soups/cake/muffins-I saw a recipe for savoury souffle?
  • Apple-Cider/apple sauce/Cook with Pork/Pie/muffins/in pancakes
  • Other roots you may find: Potatoes/Rutabaga/Parsnips/Celeriac Root ect.
  • Meat
  • Sourdough Bread
  • Cheese/Yogurts
  • Frozen and Preserved Fruits (including Tomatoes and Peppers) *You may be too late to get in on this but keep it in mind when you are shopping next summer to prepare for winter*

Ways to get inspired

  1. Look through your spice cabinet and see how many ways you can seasons a vegetable. One night Turnip might be in a British style stew, the next it might be doused in soy sauce and ginger.
  2. Look up recipes from cultures who experience a similar climate to us.
  3. Try new meats and different cuts that you are unfamiliar with.
  4. Don’t listen when the recipe tells you to use a certain kind of cabbage. Just use what your farmer has to offer. These things are flexible.

Thank you to those who read my musings on food and sticking with me throughout the ebbs and flows of this blog. Happy eating and experimenting!

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