Spice up your life

Cinnamon, Cumin, Chili powder, Turmeric, Cocoa, Vanilla, Curry paste/powder, Rosemary or Thyme, Pepper or Cayenne

 Your spice cupboard is the next step to building a pantry that will feed you. My list of spices reflects my style and tastes, and yours should do the same. Spices can be costly if you buy them in their individual bottles, however most health food stores have a bulk spice section that is a lot less expensive.

I use Vanilla and cinnamon in everything on the sweet side, including my morning oatmeal. Food needs to be enjoyable, I refuse to eat watery salty oats in the name of health and sustainability.

Cocoa is in there for whenever I am craving a dessert that is obnoxious and delicious. Namely brownies, but anything can be given a dash of cocoa for a chocolaty boost. It is definitely not one of the most necessary things in my cupboard but it sure makes me happy!

Stir-fry’s, stews, and soups are affordable simple meals that can be made mostly with whatever you have on hand. In an effort not to eat the same thing every night, spices are here to rescue us.

Here is a delicious way of cooking rice that I learned from a friend. The possibilities are endless and it makes something that is usually considered a side dish, or the base of something else, the star of the show.

Spiced Rice

1 clove of garlic

1 tsp of Tumeric

1 tblsp of oil (I use coconut, or olive)

Sprinkle of Salt and Pepper

2 cups of rice

2 cups of water

In a pot, add all ingredients except for the water.

Simmer on medium heat until garlic and spices become fragrant, and rice begins to turn opaque as it toasts. About 5 min.

Add water, cover with lid and turn to minimum.

Leave for about 20 min until cooked.

Optional: Serve with fried egg on top. I also eat it with a blob of kimchi, or fresh vegetable slaw.

This recipe can be completely different based on what spices you have or prefer. You do not need to use fresh garlic either. You can always use garlic powder or omit it entirely. I prefer to use fresh garlic because of the taste and higher nutrition value.


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